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Dental Partials & Dental Bridges

A dental partial or dental bridge is a dental prosthetic to replace the function and appearance of a few missing teeth when few natural teeth remain for support. The dental partial or dental bridge is usually made of metal and plastic.

It’s possible to get removable partial dentures or fixed partial dentures depending upon the health of the remaining teeth. A fixed dental partial attaches artificial teeth to the jaw with dental crowns. It can also be attached under the gum with dental implants. The removable dental partials consist of plastic teeth and gum areas. The clasps hold the dentures in place, but they can be removed easily for cleaning.

Value Dental offers dental partials, dental bridges, removable partial dentures and fixed partial dentures in Dallas, Seagoville, Kaufman, Crandall, Forney, and nearby cities and can maximize your dental visits through the following,

  • § Experienced General Dentists and Dental Specialists
  • §Porcelain for natural look of your missing teeth
  • § Affordable Price
  • § Digital X-rays with Minimum Radiation
  • § Laughing gas for patients with anxiety
  • § Same Day Appointment. Walk-ins welcome for same day treatment

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