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White Composite Fillings

Value Dental is a mercury-free environment. The toxicity of mercury, environment pollution, and the improved availability of reliable composite materials have diminished the use of silver fillings which contains mercury. Over a period of time, mercury continuously releases from silver fillings, resulting in weaker tooth structure. Fortunately, silver fillings can be replaced with white composite fillings that exactly match the color of your tooth.

The fluoride present in white composite fillings prevents dental cavities and tooth decay. The result is a natural looking tooth with a perfect smile. Value Dental can maximize your dental visit for white composite fillings through the following,

  • § Experienced General Dentists and specialists
  • § Composite or Tooth Colored Fillingsfor Natural Look
  • § Fluoride in white composite fillings prevents cavities and tooth decay
  • § Replaces Silver fillings with Composite Fillings
  • § Digital X-rays with Minimum Radiation
  • § Same Day Appointment. Walk-ins welcome for same day treatment

You can have your silver fillings replaced with white composite fillings in just 1 simple appointment. Schedule your appointment at Value Dental today.